Advantages and disadvantages of KM models in construction management


  • Ali Pirzad Orientation of construction management, University of Elm Va Sanat ,Borujerd,,Iran


knowledge management, organization of construction, e- COGNOS Model, Grayson's and O'Dell model, Activity-based models, base map


Knowledge management (KM) is an important issue in the construction sector and complements the activities of corporate business strategy every business has become. The lessons learned from the construction industry has proven to reuse and share knowledge Can with reduce the cost and time of completion of the project and to increase the competitiveness of the entire organization to increase organizational success of the project. The aim of this paper is to introduce and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of knowledge management models are used to manage the construction industry. Executive challenges of knowledge management in organizations, lack of a systematic approach to the development and use of knowledge management systems (KMSs). A corporate competitiveness, to depend on the organization's ability to learn faster than their competitors. Organizational learning process the ability to collect and use the knowledge, skills and behaviors that have the potential to educate people and enforcement activities are the organization's future depends.




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