The Challenges and factors affecting KM in the construction management


  • Ali Pirzad Orientation of construction management, University of Elm Va Sanat ,Borujerd,,Iran


knowledge management, Human Factors, Cultural Factors, Organizational Factors, Political Factors


In recent years, different organizations and companies starting to joint to knowledge process and new concepts such as knowledge management and knowledge-based organizations, are aware of the intensity of this process. The challenges for KM become more difficult when dealing with tacit knowledge because of individuals normally regard tacit knowledge as a source of strength and personal rather than organizational property. A vast amount of knowledge in the project oriented organizations resides in the heads of numerous individuals who may belong to different companies with different professional backgrounds and many of these companies are unstable and can be completely changed during the period of the project life cycle, which causes difficulty for people to collect, share and manage their knowledge within limited time and budget of the construction projects. Employees of the organizations are still reluctant to share their knowledge with others, while changing this behavior is not easy. Many individuals regard their knowledge as a personal property and source of strength and most of typical existing construction organizations find difficulty to encourage the culture of sharing knowledge.




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