Determine Seismic Coefficients of Structural Using Pushover Nonlinear Analysis


  • Ashkan Masoomabdi Islamic Azad University, Chaloos, Iran
  • Morteza Jamshidi


Seismic Performance, Pushover analysis, Capacity curves, Inelastic deformations, Capacity curve, Behavior factor


This study focus push-over analysis technique for performance-based design of steel building frame works subjected to earthquake loading using SPA2000. Through the use of a plasticity-factor that measures the degree of plasticisation, the standard elastic and geometric stiffness matrices for frame elements are progressively modified to account for nonlinear elastic–plastic behaviour under constant gravity loads and incrementally increasing lateral loads. The proposed analysis technique is illustrated for two steel frameworks of solid and hollow member properties. This research studies are aimed at analysing the comparison between hollow and solid frames. The technique is based on the conventional displacement method of elastic analysis. The analytical procedure developed is to estimate the inelastic deformations of beams, columns and connections are validated by incorporating the same in pushover analysis. It has been observed that the inelastic displacement of the structure is within the collapse prevention level.




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Masoomabdi, A., & Jamshidi, M. (2017). Determine Seismic Coefficients of Structural Using Pushover Nonlinear Analysis. Journal of Civil Engineering Researchers, 1(7), 17–26. Retrieved from

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