Investigating and comparing the performance of common composite columns

  • Samet Sadeghian PhD student in civil engineering


In this article, I have tried to collect a set of functions of different types of composite columns. For the first time, a set of articles and the performance of different types of composite columns are studied, reviewed and compared. Some of the influential factors are: study of the behavior of various buckling modes, their performance under compressive loading with and without eccentricity, study of local and general buckling of composite columns, factors causing confinement in composite columns, behavior of these columns in different strength ranges from concrete alone Normal strength to high strength concretes, also the performance of these columns under the influence of steels with different yield stresses, the effect of behavioral performance of changing the thickness of steel hollow pipes, the presence or absence of steel profiles in the core of composite columns and finally to verify the results The laboratory is compared with numerical methods by software to confirm the accuracy of laboratory work as much as possible.

Jul 5, 2021
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